The Cage Size for a Lorikeet

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Lorikeets are colorful, active birds about 16 inches in height who will utilize every inch of cage space you can give them with playful antics as they climb, swing and hang. If you are keeping a single bird, you'll want to have an cage of adequate size, seated in a place in your home where the lorikeet can be at the hub of family activity.

Smallest Cages

If you're tight on space, a single lorikeet can be contained in a 24-inches-cubed cage -- if you will be letting him out of the cage for exercise. Lorikeets produce a large volume of runny droppings, so you should contain an exercise area to rooms with easy-clean flooring such as laminate.

Cage-Only Birds

If you don't intend to let your lorikeet out of his cage on a regular basis, invest in the largest cage that will work with your budget and space in your home. At minimum, a cage for a single bird who doesn't get free-flying time should be 3 feet wide, 3 feet long and 2 feet high. A cage for a pair of birds should be at least 50 percent larger.

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