How Can I Tell the Sex of a Chukar Partridge?

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Determining the sex of chukar partridges isn't easy. Since males and females sport the same feather color and distribution, you must look at more subtle differences to identify the gender. Visual inspection works primarily on adult birds, not chicks and juveniles.

Physical Differences

Adult male chukar partridges are slightly larger than females, but their heads are more blocky. The female's head is smaller and more refined. Observe the legs -- females often have spurs on the metatarsal.

Sex Organs

If you can handle a bird, checking out the cloaca will usually allow correct sexual identification. Male chukar partridges should have a somewhat pointed protuberance less than a inch long in the center of the cloacal fold, which females do not have. The older the bird, the more prominent the protuberance.

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