Cats & Microfiber Furniture

By Laura Rico

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Cat owners are always looking for furniture that will not be turned into a scratching post by felines. Microfiber furniture has proven successful for many pet owners who find their cat does not scratch it and it's easy to clean.


Microfiber is a man-made material. Its fibers are so closely woven together and processed that the fabric is smooth, durable and repels moisture. It often resembles suede.


Cats have a natural instinct to scratch and sharpen their nails. They prefer materials they can hook their claws into. Microfiber is not a material that cat nails can penetrate, therefore scratching is not enjoyable.


Microfiber does not easily absorb dirt and dander from cats because of its texture. Cat hair will lay on the material without becoming embedded. A vacuum or lint roller should remove any hair.


Microfiber is soft and comfortable for cats to lay on. Just because they won't enjoy scratching the fabric doesn't mean they won't enjoy sleeping on it.


All cats are different, so their reactions to microfiber could vary. For best results, provide a scratching post for the cat, keep its nails trimmed and coat brushed. Microfiber furniture will last longer if pets are well-cared for.

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