What if You Are Caught With a Capuchin in Florida?

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Florida's mild climate provides an ideal environment for species of non-native wildlife -- including capuchin monkeys -- to survive should they escape captivity. Florida is one of only 15 states that allows you to keep one of the tiny "organ-grinder" monkeys as a pet, providing you get a valid class 3 mammal license from the state.

Ownership Requirements

Florida's class 3 mammal license requires you to show adequate knowledge and proper care and containment of your capuchin monkey. The no-cost license permits you to sell, buy, transport or possess a capuchin.

Illegal Possession

If you are found to have a capuchin illegally, the state can impound your monkey if you are not providing conditions that comply with the requirements for ownership. You may pay fines up to $50 for a first offense and $250 for a repeat offense, as well as being required to get the class 3 license or surrender ownership.

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