How to Connect a Snaffle Bit to the Bridle

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A snaffle bit is jointed in the middle, and the cheekpieces of the bridle as well as the reins hook directly to the bit on the same ring. This differs from other styles of bits, such as the curb, that have a separate point of connection for the cheekpieces and the reins. By hooking both cheekpieces and reins to the same ring, the bit acts only on the mouth. Bits with separate rings for the cheek pieces and reins also act on the lower jaw and poll area.

Step 1

Grasp the bridle at the top, where it will go over your horse's head. The cheekpieces are the longest leather straps that will run down either side of your horse's head.

Step 2

Attach the snaffle bit, slipping the leather of the cheekpiece through the bit ring and then buckling it. The cheekpiece may be designed to close with a traditional buckle or a metal hook that slides into a pre-cut hole in the leather. Whatever the design, buckle the cheekpiece so the buckle will be against the horse's skin, not on the outside of the bridle. Repeat on the other side.

Step 3

Hook the reins to the rings on the snaffle bridle the same way. Position them below the cheekpieces. Again, turn the reins so the buckles are not facing outside. This keeps the attachments from inadvertently catching on something, like your shirt sleeve, and is important for you and your horse's safety. Your bridle is now ready to go on your horse.

Items you will need

  • Snaffle bit
  • Bridle


  • The thinner the mouthpiece of the snaffle, the more severe. Also any snaffle with twists or corkscrews on the mouthpiece will be more severe than a smooth mouth bit.

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