Difference Between Girl & Boy Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders, also known as honey gliders and sugar bears, are small marsupials, about 5 to 6 inches long. Males and females have several physical characteristics that make it simple to differentiate between the two, often with a single glance.

How to Tell the Difference

A mature intact male sugar glider will have small bald spots on the top of his head and the front of his chest where his scent glands are located. The odor from these glands can be strong, and is slightly musky. A neutered male will not have bald spots or a musky odor, and can be difficult to differentiate from a female without looking closely. A female sugar glider has a small pouch on her abdomen like a kangaroo. It looks like a small slit in the center of her waist, right about where you would expect to find a bellybutton. Whether there is a personality difference between males and females seems to be a matter of personal opinion. Each sugar glider has a unique personality and temperament, regardless of sex.


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