How to Fix a Horse's Split Mane

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A horse’s mane, similar to human hair, often develops a natural part in a random area. While it doesn’t affect the horse’s performance or health, it may be an eyesore for the owner, especially if it is a show horse. Correcting the split in the mane is generally easy to fix without spending much time or money.

Step 1

Brush and comb the horse’s mane to remove any mats or debris.

Step 2

Spray the mane with water using a squirt bottle. Don’t fully wet it; simply dampen it to help make it more pliable.

Step 3

Part out a 1 to 2 inch section of hair. Braid the section of hair starting close to the horse’s skin. Pull down gently while you braid, not out. Place a rubber band at the end of the braid.

Step 4

Move down the mane braiding it evenly in sections until the entire mane, including the split section, is braided to one side.

Step 5

Place a mane tamer over the braided mane. Leave it on for a couple of days to protect the braids. Remove the braids and comb out the mane.

Items you will need

  • Brush
  • Comb
  • Rubber bands
  • Mane tamer


  • Use the appropriate type of mane tamer for the time of year. For instance, if it is hot outside, use a mesh tamer.


  • Don’t turn your horse out for long periods while wearing the mane tamer. He may become tangled in a fence.

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