How to Attach a Pelham Bit to a Bridle

Pelham bits have three rings on each side to attach the cheek pieces of the bridle and two sets of reins. The bit works as both a snaffle bit on the rear part in your horse's mouth and a curb bit in the front of your horse's mouth.

Items you will need

  • Fence post

  • Chair (optional)

Grasp the top of your bridle by the center of the crown. The crown is the uppermost round part that goes behind your horse's ears.

Place the crown around the back of a fence post with the brow band on the front of the post. You also can use a chair with raised posts on the back of it. The brow band is the horizontal portion that goes in front of your horse's ears.

Pick up a Pelham bit and turn it right side up. The smallest ring on each side of the bit is the top ring. The curb chain will be hanging down underneath the bit.

Buckle the left and right cheek pieces of your bridle to the top ring on a Pelham bit. The cheek pieces hang downward from the same ring on a bridle when it is on a post and in the same position as it is on your horse.

Clip both ends of the snaffle rein to the center ring on each side of the bit. The snaffle rein is the wider of your two sets of reins.

Clip both ends of the curb rein to the bottom ring on each side of the bit. The curb rein is the narrower of your two sets of reins.


  • Horses with small mouths or large tongues prefer a Pelham bit that works as two bits in one and takes up less room in the mouth than a double bridle with two individual bits.


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