How to Build a Worm House

By Jay Darrington

Items you will need

  • Empty two-liter soda bottle

  • Exacto knife

  • Small shovel

  • Dirt

  • Sand

  • Dead leaves or grass

  • Fruit or vegetable peelings

  • Worms

Building a worm house is a fun and creative project the whole family can enjoy. Worm houses can show how that worms eat and then aerate the soil to aid in their digestion. A worm house project can give you an opportunity to teach your children and/or yourself about the way that worms fertilize soil and how they survive. It can also help you learn about composting. No matter how your look at it a worm house, is a fun and educational project.

Cut the top off the two-liter soda bottle using a exacto knife.

Shovel about two inches of soil into the soda bottle. Pat down this soil firmly.

Shovel a thin layer of sand over the dirt.

Add a couple inches of dirt and pat it down, then a thin layer of sand until you are a couple of inches from the top. Make sure your last layer is dirt.

Cover the top dirt area with leaves and or grass.

Add fruit and or vegetable peelings after the leaves and grass.

Place a few worms on the top of the peelings.


  • If your would like to use a bigger container, make sure there is enough surface area for air to circulate.

    Keeping the worm house in a dark area will encourage worm activity.


  • Never let children use the exacto knife, as they may injure themselves.


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