How to Bury a Dead Bird

By Contributor

How to Bury a Dead Bird. Did you find a dead bird in your yard? Did your pet bird die? Whatever the situation may be, you want to bury a dead bird. To offer this bird a proper burial, you will need to follow the steps below. They will guide you through the burial of the bird.

Decide what size box you will need based on the size of the bird. Shoeboxes, checkbook boxes, and cereal boxes have all been used.

Find a place where you would like the bird to be buried. Some families choose a spot they like in their own back yard, like next to a blooming bush, or under a very shady tree.

Place the bird in the designated box. Make certain the bird is not being squashed at all in the box.

Dig a hole at least 2 feet deep and wide enough for the box to fit level in.

Cover the hole back up with the dirt and smooth it out. If this was a pet of the family, you and other members of the family may want to speak some words about the bird.

Add a marker of some kind to the gravesite. This could be something as simple as a large stone, or a small bird monument. This will make certain that the gravesite is never disturbed and is easily recognized.

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