How to Buy a Pet Chipmunk

By Contributor | Updated November 01, 2017


  • In certain areas, it is illegal to keep chipmunks as pets, or it may require a permit. Check with your local Department of Fish and Wildlife. Chipmunks are not a recommended pet for young children. A chipmunk can become startled by a child's quick movements, and if frightened, may bite. Do not attempt to obtain a chipmunk from the wilderness. A wild chipmunk can be dangerous and carry diseases. Buy from a reputable breeder. Never handle a chipmunk by the tail, which is not strong and can break.

How to Buy a Pet Chipmunk. Chipmunks have many positive qualities that make them a wonderfully easy and entertaining pet. Unlike many rodents that are often kept as pets, chipmunks are a diurnal animal that will play all day long and sleep all night. Their natural inquisitiveness and boundless energy will keep you entertained for hours. By following a few simple steps, you can bring a healthy, happy pet chipmunk into your life.

Visit your local pet store or call your veterinarian to ask how to locate a reputable breeder.

Ask the breeder any questions that you have. A reliable breeder will be happy to provide you with answers.

Look for a chipmunk that is alert, curious and active.

Make sure the chipmunk has a clean and shiny coat, bright eyes and a full and undamaged tail.

Look for a chipmunk that is fully weaned, which occurs at about 6 to 8 weeks and preferably no older than 16 weeks. Young animals are more likely to be a gentle, friendly pet that will bond easily with you. The breeder should know the date of birth.

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