How to Catch a Peacock EASILY

By Contributor | Updated August 11, 2017

Easy as pie way to catch a Peacock. He will do it for you!

Build cage to specs. There are 2 reasons to use plastic fencing. One the holes are too small for him to get out and two it is soft so will not damage him. Feed Extra Large Jumbo Mealworms to peacock to addict him. Use same dish each time so he learns to know that dish is where the worms are. (these worms are chocolate to a peacock, they can not resist them. Once he tried them, he was begging at the door for them.)

Leave door of cage open, put in dish containing extra large jumbo mealworms. Once put in cage, DO NOT feed them mealworms outside of cage. Leave in cage only. It only took our peacock invader less than an hour to enter cage for his worms!

Wait for peacock to go in for worms, close and lock cage door. Finished!!!!

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