How to Catch a Tree Frog

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How to Catch a Tree Frog. Tree frog is the common name for two frog families that have sub-families and genera all over the world. Tree frogs often display bright colors that change with the environment. They can makes good pets.

Find an area with trees, a small body of water, lush growth and plenty of moisture in the air. Overturn rocks and fallen logs to look for tree frogs. Place an inflatable swimming pool outside with a tray of dead crickets to attract the frogs.

Get a receptacle ready for the frog. It likely will try to escape just after you catch it. Approach the frog from behind and calmly cup your hands around it. Gently press the frog onto the ground or surface that it's sitting on.

Grab the frog. Place your fingers underneath it and pin it to your hand by putting your thumb on its back. Use just enough pressure to keep the frog from jumping, otherwise you run the risk of injuring or killing the amphibian.

Transfer the frog into a receptacle with a lid and enough air holes to allow the breathing. From the temporary receptacle, place the frog in an aquarium with fresh water and some mossy twigs right after you catch it.

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