How to Force a Doe Rabbit to Breed

By Lanh Ma | Updated August 11, 2017

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  • Ask someone to be on hand to prevent the rabbits from jumping off the table. Repeat the mating within an hour for a larger litter.

While breeding rabbits is a straight-forward process, several attempts may be necessary before a successful mating occurs. Some does do not wish to be mounted and, even in a normal mating, either the male or female may be injured due to scuffling, kicking, or biting. If you have a doe that is aggressive or if you do not want to worry about either of the rabbits being injured, use the table breeding method to force the doe to breed.

Place the doe on the table, flipping her rear legs back so that the paw pads face the ceiling. This helps keep the doe still during the mating.

Locate her vent using your fingers. The vent is the doe's genital opening and it is located between her hind legs. The anal opening is closer to the tail, while the vent opening is more in the direction of the doe's abdomen.

Stimulate the doe's vent gently with the tip of your finger until her hindquarters start to lift.

Bring the buck to the table and place him between the doe's rear legs. While most bucks will quickly begin to mate, you may need to place the buck more securely on top of the doe, especially if the buck is young.

Be watchful in case the buck shows signs of falling off the doe when he is done mating. Catch him if necessary and return him to his enclosure.

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