How to Make Snake Tongs

By Danyel Bierly | Updated September 26, 2017

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Items you will need

  • Small piece of rubber hose

  • Driver golf club

  • Ax or small hatchet

  • L-shaped or C-shaped rafter hook

  • Ruler or measuring tape

You can purchase already made snake tongs from several different companies online but it is possible to make your own homemade snake tongs using a golf club. Keep in mind that the weight capacity is minimal, so this type of device is not suggested for handling large snakes. It is ideal for small to medium-sized snakes only.


Purchase a driver golf club from any retailer, thrift store or yard sale. Select one that is in excellent condition and not bent or damaged.


Purchase a small piece of rubber hose from your hardware store along with an L-shaped or C-shaped rafter hook. Rafter hooks are generally used to hang bicycles but have a threaded screw.


Using your ax or hatchet, chop off the head of the golf club and discard. You will not need the head of the golf club, just the shaft.


Measure the thread of the rafter hook and cut the length of your rubber hose to equal the length of the thread.


Cut the rubber hose on one side lengthwise to aid in fitting. Slide the rubber hose into the open end of the golf club leaving about 5 mm of the rubber hose sticking out. Screw the rafter hook thread into the rubber hose end of your golf club.


  • If there is not a tight fit for your rafter hook, use JB Weld to strength the grip.

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