How to Squeeze Your Dog's Anal Glands

By Dr. Endre Sos | Updated October 02, 2017

Squeezing a dog's anal glands eliminates pain and discomfort, and it is done gently be squeezing either side of each of the two glands. Eliminate a dog's discomfort on a regular basis by squeezing the anal glands with tips from a veterinarian in this free video on dog care.


Dr Endre Sos is the chief veterinarian of the Budapest Zoo. Aside from his practice as a chief veterinarian, Dr. Sos has been participating in various environmental protection works and in TV film shootings around the world. He has traveled to the Island of Jersey with a documentary team to make a film about the work of Durrell. Dr. Sos has also worked for Durrell's zoo and made a film about Jane Goodall and the chimps in Gombe National Park.

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