How to Stop Black Flies From Biting

By Contributing Writer

Items you will need

  • Fly spray

  • Fly strips

  • Bug repellant spray

  • Fly swatter

Black flies, the fat black insects common in many households, have a taste for blood. While not as common as mosquito bites, black flies are known to bite humans. While the chance of disease is very low, this is an annoying aspect of these tiny creatures and one you'll want to stop.

Purchase a can of black fly spray from your grocery or hardware store. There are several brands of fly spray that poison the fly and kill it. This will prevent it from biting ever again. Simply keep the spray handy and blast the bug whenever you see one.

Hang fly strips around your home. These come in little rolls about the size of a film canister and unroll and hang from the ceiling. The sticky, two-sided tape that becomes exposed attracts bugs and does not let them leave.

Wear pants and long sleeves if you prefer a less violent way of keeping black flies from biting you. Flies are attracted to exposed skin, so covering it up will stop a black fly from getting access to your skin.

Cover your body in bug repellant. This will not kill the black flies in your home, however, it creates an odor that the bugs dislike. Reapply the spray after an hour or two if you notice flies biting you once again.

Use a fly swatter to kill the bugs. A swatter is a lightweight tool used to smack unsuspecting flies when they land. This will crush them and prevent them from biting.

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