How to Tell If a Dog Has a Chip Inside Him

By Lanh Ma | Updated August 11, 2017

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  • Update the information on your own pet's microchip routinely. The microchip does no good unless the information on it is up to date.

    If you have a pet, get its microchip scanned yearly to ensure that it is working properly.

A microchip is a tiny electronic chip enclosed in a glass cylinder. It is about the size of a grain of rice, and it is injected under a dog's skin using a hypodermic needle. The chip is inactive until it is scanned by a reader. At that point, it returns an identification number that is connected to a service that provides the owner's information. If you have found a stray dog, one of the first things to do is to find out whether it has a microchip.

Call a local veterinarian's office or the Humane Society.

Ask the veterinarian's office or Humane Society if it is able to check for a microchip on a stray dog.

Take the dog to the office and ask the employees to check for a microchip. A veterinarian or a veterinary technician will scan the animal and find out whether it has a microchip implanted, and whether current contact information is available for the owner.

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