How to Use Dematting Combs

By Kimberly Caines

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Items you will need

  • Hair detangler

  • Dematting comb

Improper and neglected grooming of your cat or dog's coat can result in knots and mats. According to Canine Design, mats can become a health hazard -- they can cut off your pet's blood circulation and tear his skin. Additionally, he may profusely scratch and chew his coat. A dematting comb can help dog and cat owners alike in the mat-removal process. To successfully remove mats, pet parents must learn how to properly use the comb.

Moisten the matted hair with a commercial hair detangler made for your pet. Work the detangler into the matted hair with your fingers. Avoid dematting dry hair -- slippery hair is easier to detangle.

Break up the mat with your fingers. Hold the mat between your fingers and lightly pull away its outer hairs. Work from the outside of the mat toward the inside. Avoid loosening hairs that don't easily give, because pulling too hard may hurt your pet.

Hold the hair below the mat in one hand and place the dematting comb in your other hand. Holding the hair below the mat helps to ease the impact of the tugging and pulling motions you will be making.

Detangle the ends of the matted hair with the dematting comb. Place the comb near the ends of the matted hair and use a picking motion to untangle it. Avoid pulling the comb through the hair -- move the teeth of the comb in and out of the mat and allow the blades to cut through the knotted hair.

Move the comb closer toward the skin of your pet and use the picking motion on the matted hair in this area. Gradually work your way down toward the bottom of the mat. Avoid working from the bottom upward, because this causes the fur to compress and tangle even more.


  • Purchase a dematting comb online or at your local pet store.

    Avoid using scissors to get rid of mats, because you may accidentally cut your pet companion.

    Use a professional grooming service if your pet has a lot of mats.

    As an alternative to pet hair detangler, use cornstarch to lubricate the matted hair.

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