Ideal Temperature for a Blood Parrot Cichlid

Blood parrot cichlids are hybrid fish, created by human intervention. Their unique appearances are actually deformities. But they're not total freaks of nature -- or freaks of human bio-engineering, as it were. Like all other water dwellers, blood parrot cichlids require certain water parameters to stay healthy and live a full life. In particular, they need warm water.

Acceptable and Preferred Temperatures

A blood red parrot cichlid can survive in water that ranges from about 75 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The lower end of this range can leave fish somewhat sluggish and uninterested in breeding. The ideal temperature is between 82 and 84 degrees. This range is usually necessary for spawning. Although your blood parrot cichlid can survive in higher temperatures, when the water is warmer than 86 degrees, the risks of disease and illness increase greatly. Use a high-quality thermometer to monitor the temperature of your tank and ensure your cichlid's health.


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