Lice and Flea Home Remedy

By Heather Vecchioni

Fleas and lice are a common nuisance to pets. Not only are they bothersome to your dog or cat, but they can be just as irritating to you. Over the counter medications can be harsh and potentially harmful to your pet. Home remedies for fleas and lice are not only safe, but effective and easy to use.

Eliminating Fleas From Your Dog Naturally

One of the most effective ways in which to eliminate fleas from your dog is a healthy diet. Fleas are more attracted to unhealthy dogs, so keeping your pet in tip-top shape is a great way to keep the annoying insects away. Feeding an all-natural, organic premium diet is usually the best way to go. Fleas like the taste of sugar, therefore, find food with the least amount as possible.

Try giving your dog garlic in his food. Garlic repels fleas as well as other bugs. In addition, try splashing a bit of organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar in his water.

You will also need to treat your home for fleas or they will continue to pester your pet. Vacuuming is usually the most effective way in which to eliminate the bugs, in addition to their eggs.

Ridding Your Pet of Lice

While it is rare for a dog to get lice, it can happen. Dogs who live in clean environments and who are generally healthy, have less chances of having lice than those who are otherwise. In order to remove them from your pet, start with an all-natural shampoo. Lather your pet and let the shampoo soak for about 10 minutes. Be sure to rinse the shampoo well.

After washing your pet, apply a lemon rinse. Take one thin slice of lemon – with the rind intact – and add it to one pint of nearly boiling water. Allow the lemon to steep in the water overnight. Sponge the rinse on your dog, allow it to dry and repeat this process daily.

In order to remove the lice eggs, rub mayonnaise into the hair and massage the skin with your fingers. This should help to loosen the eggs from the hair. Follow up with a good shampooing and rinse.

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