The Life Span of a Balloon Molly Fish

By Carlye Jones

The balloon molly is a fancy version of the common molly fish with a large distended abdomen. This unusual molly can come in either short-fin or sail-fin varieties and may be kept with all other types of mollies. Like other live-bearing fish, the balloon molly grows quickly, reaching sexual maturity at around 3 months of age. Accordingly, the balloon molly has a relatively short life expectancy.

Short Life Expectancy

The balloon molly fish has a life expectancy similar to those of other types of mollies kept in captivity: three to five years. This life span is based on ideal conditions, such as brackish water or saltwater rather than freshwater, which can make a balloon molly fish susceptible to disease and illness. If this type of molly is kept with other fish, the balloon molly may need special monitoring to stay alive and healthy. The fish's large belly makes him a slow swimmer and feeder, and larger fish may prevent him from getting enough food. There is no information available regarding a balloon fish's life expectancy in the wild, because the variety is a man-made creation -- no such specimens develop in the wild.

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