The Name of a Male Wallaby

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As distinct as they are from one another, goats, rabbits and wallabies all have something in common. The terms used to distinguish male and female are the same. Females are does and males are bucks. These Australian natives, related to the kangaroo, also go by other names.

Boomers and Flyers

Australia's a land of colorful language, so you might figure that common terms like doe and buck aren't sufficient to describe the genders of signature fauna. Other names for male and female wallabies include jack and jill, along with the quintessentially Aussie "boomer" and "flyer."

Other Wallaby Terms

As marsupials, female wallabies carry their young in their pouches, which also contain the mammary glands for nursing. Baby wallabies are called joeys. While a mob usually means a large group of unruly people, it also refers to the social structure of wallabies. They live in mobs of up to 50 members, spanning all age ranges.

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