What Are the Names of Male, Female & Young Goats?

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Most goats are easily bred, producing offspring when they are as young as 8 months old. Many species produce ample supplies of rich milk for their babies and some left over for human use; those that don't are at least good for keeping yards free of weeds. Goats are known by several names from birth to adulthood.

Goat Terminology

From the time of birth to about 6 months old, baby goats are known as kids. By that time, you'll know with certainty which are male and which are female by the developing testes on male goats. A juvenile male older than 6 months old is known as a buckling; a young female is a doeling. When they reach 1 year old, the males become known as bucks unless they are castrated, which makes them wethers. Mature females are called does.

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