Quail Pen Size

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Quail make a cost-effective alternative to raising chickens when space is limited or zoning issues prevent you from having a rooster. Quail begin laying eggs as early as 6 weeks old and, although the males vocalize, their call is unlikely to have neighbors phoning in complaints. Quail require relatively little space and can be raised in a cage as small as 8 inches square.

Make Room on the Floor

When designing your quail's pen, provide a minimum of 12 square inches per bird to allow them room to move around. A larger enclosure up to twice this size allows fecal matter to dry and be dispersed more quickly, minimizing odor. Be sure to provide enough feeder space, allowing 1/2 inch per bird at the feeding trough and 1/4 inch at the waterer.

Look Out Overhead

The sudden movement of an animal or human outside their pen may cause quail to flush, flying up suddenly in all directions, causing quail to bump their heads on the top of the enclosure. Provide a solid roof over the top or limit cage height to 8 to 12 inches to prevent birds from flying up.

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