What Do South African Burrowing Bullfrogs Eat?

While South African burrowing bullfrogs, Pyxicephalus adspersus, only consume meat, they aren't particular about type of flesh they eat. In fact, cannibalism among these large olive, brown and yellow frogs is quite common. If they can catch it and eat it, they will.

Diet in the Wild

In the wild, South African burrowing frogs generally eat insects, reptiles, small birds and mammals and other frog species. As tadpoles, they start eating each other, but also feed on amphibians and fish. As their name suggests, adult bull frogs burrow into the ground, grabbing prey with their powerful tongue and jaws.

Diet in Captivity

In captivity, pet South African burrowing frogs can be fed crickets, earthworms, cockroaches and waxworms. You can feed young frogs pinky mice and grown rodents to adult frogs, but these small mammals shouldn't be fed too often, as their consumption can make the frogs too fat. Keep your pet South African burrowing frogs in separate terrariums to avoid cannibalism.