How to Tell if an Electric Yellow Cichlid Is a Girl

Electric yellow cichlids (Labidochromis caeruleus) are a popular addition to freshwater African cichlid tanks. A dark black dorsal fin stands in stark contrast to the bright yellow color of both males and females. The electric yellow cichlid is one of the easiest cichlids for the novice aquarist to breed. While gender is difficult to discern in juveniles, once the cichlids reach adulthood the difference becomes readily apparent.

Big Strong Males

Considered a dwarf cichlid, the electric yellow cichlid rarely grows longer than five inches in length. Males grow to between four and five inches but females stay more petite at just two to three inches long.

Breeding Display

Both the male and female electric yellow are brightly colored, but the dominant male will have the most intense coloration, sometimes appearing as a deep gold. Both fish have black stripes on their dorsal fins, but males have black ventral and anal fins as well. The dark anal fins have a light egg spot on each. Males have faint charcoal gray vertical stripes on their sides. Female ventral and anal fins remain pale yellow and do not have an egg spot.


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