How to Tell the Sex of Quail

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While it takes an average of 5 quail eggs to equal one chicken egg in a recipe, quail produce more eggs per pound of feed than even the most prolific chicken. Quail may begin laying eggs as early as 6 weeks old and you can easily determine their gender by two weeks after they hatch.

With Flying Colors

Quail can be sexed easily as soon as their breast feathers begin to grow in at about 2 to 3 weeks old. The feathers on the male's chest are a rusty brown color. Females have a buff coloration with black speckles clearly evident. Males have darker coloration around the eyes as well. In white varieties, you can discern gender by examining the vent area under their tail at 4 weeks old. The male has a cloacal gland along the upper edge of the vent. The bulbous gland secretes a white substance when squeezed.

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