How to Tell the Sex of a Quaker Parakeet

By Sue Ferrara

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Quaker parakeets (Myiopsitta monachus) also go by the name monk parakeet. Native to South America, these parrots have successfully established feral colonies in places like Brooklyn and Chicago. Some people breed and keep monk parakeets as pets, but laws vary by state. There are only two ways to accurately determine the sex of a Quaker parakeet.

Seeing Double

Quaker parakeets are monomorphic; males and females look exactly alike. There are always people who claim they can sex parrots by size or behavior, or even the bone structure of the bird. None of these approaches are based in science. There are two sure methods of sexing. The first is DNA testing using a drop of blood. The second is egg laying. Female birds lay eggs whether fertilization takes place or not.

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