When to Trap Feral Cats

By Liz Cava | Updated October 02, 2017

Learn when it's best to trap a feral cat based on the cat's habits and time of day in this free video.


Liz has volunteered as the Feral Cat Colony Trapping Coordinator with Best Friends Catnippers since 1999. She has trained and empowered hundreds of Los Angeles citizens to humanely and successfully trap the ferals in their neighborhoods) and coordinated trappers to attend the Catnippers high-volume clinics. Best Friends Catnippers has provided roughly 12,000 spay/neuter surgeries for feral cats in Los Angeles. Liz was featured in the documentary "Living by Instinct", which highlights 5 different people trying to improve the plight of animals in Los Angeles. Liz is currently the Outreach Director at the FixNation feral cat spay/neuter clinic, assisting L.A.'s compassionate citizens by training them how to humanely trap their neighborhood feral cats. The FixNation Clinic provides free spay/neuter and vaccinations for L.A.'s homeless cats. FixNation's goal is to humanely reduce the number of kittens born in the colonies and improve the quality of the adult cats living in colonies.

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